Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ken Karsh - Vasilievity

"This video was done in order to demonstrate one of my favorite apps that Igor created - “Master FX”. Except for the bass, all of the audio was processed exclusively with Master FX. Looping was done with my Boss RC-300 Looper. The Alesis iODock was recorded into the auxiliary input of the RC-300. The guitar is my Martin 00028EC equipped with an LR Baggs Anthem acoustic pickup. Thank you, Igor Vasiliev for developing Master FX and all of your other excellent apps."
Ken Karsh 
California University of Pennsylvania 
Adjunct Professor of Guitar and Director of Guitar Ensembles

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

This year my applications got a lot of updates and improvements. I hope all were happy :) But next year I will release something totally new and innovative. I'm already work on it. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Master FX - Classic effects

Master FX - Classic effects app for iPad has been updated to version 1.6

Master FX contains set of classic sound effects which you can use for guitar, synth or voice at live performance or for processing tracks in DAW and other mixing apps thru Inter-App Audio or with Audiobus. Through the use of unique high quality audio processing algorithms the sound of this app is closest to the sound of world famous hardware audio effects.

This app includes Parametric EQ, Chorus, Flanger, Pitch modulator, Delay, Reverb, Compressor, Audio player, Recorder and also convenient presets system supplemented with control panel for live performance.

Master FX has flexible configuration of effect modules. You can process stereo source or two mono inputs for different instruments or voices each with own effects. With built-in player and special control panel you can easy use this app for live performance with minus one (accompaniment) tracks.

Click on image to enlarge

Additional features:

  • Low-latency.
  • Up to 6 effects at once.
  • High quality 32-bit audio processing.
  • Built-in player with playlist feature.
  • Convenient playback control panel.
  • Various configurations of effect modules.
  • Processing of two channels separately.
  • Built-in recorder on input or output.
  • Global presets for all modules and configurations.
  • Individual presets for each effect module.
  • Inter-App audio compatible.
  • Supports Audiobus with "State Saving" feature.
  • Uploading tracks thru Dropbox or Web access.
  • Supports audio clipboard and "Open file in" option.
  • Supports iTunes file share.
  • Different color schemes for user interface.

[ Music App Blog: Master FX review - multi-effects app for iPad ]

Demo of using Master FX for processing guitar and synth:

Thursday, November 24, 2016


All apps of Exciting Noise series and Audio Mastering series on sale!

Exciting Noise series


An experimental sound mini lab for creating unusual soundscapes, atmospheric textures, drones, glitches and noises based on circuit bending principles. Buy it on App Store >>>


Advanced field recorder combined with a sound warp engine and a collection of ready to use dynamic presets for iPad and iPhone. Discover new ways to create and construct unusual and exciting sounds from any environmental audio recordings or samples recorded from other apps through Inter-App audio or Audiobus. Buy it on App Store >>>

Live performance with SoundScaper and FieldScaper on iPad

Audio Mastering series

Audio Mastering

The first fully functional audio mastering application with professional quality delivers an unprecedented level of clarity, punch and warmth to your mix. Buy it on App Store >>>

AltiSpace - Convolution Reverb

The realistic sound of famous reverb gears for your iPad and iPhone! Buy it on App Store >>>

Master Record

Tape simulation recorder, player and effect for Inter-App Audio and Audiobus. Buy it on App Store >>>

Master FX

Multipurpose effect processor for guitar, synthesizer and voice, providing a wide range of high-quality and creative effects options for audio processing. Buy it on App Store >>>

Friday, November 11, 2016

FieldScaper 1.7 has been released!

FieldScaper 1.7 - Field recorder & Scapes constructor for iPhone and iPad has been released.

Advanced field recorder combined with a sound warp engine and a collection of ready to use dynamic presets for iPad and iPhone. Discover new ways to create and construct unusual and exciting sounds from any environmental audio recordings or samples recorded from other apps through Inter-App audio or Audiobus.

The main advantage of FieldScaper is that you can record and modify samples along the way within the single app. You can record sounds and noises, delete unwanted parts and then use presets to give a whole new sounding or create spectacular soundscapes and textures to use them as loops in this app. And even use FieldScaper as effect in real time with other apps or external input.

[ FieldScaper - description, screenshots and demos ]

This update adds new options to the field recorder which is the one of main parts of FieldScaper app specially designed for recording and editing samples, noises and environmental sounds. Also in this update:

  • Improved automatic gain control for recorder.
  • Marking sample on minimum points of level for cutting.
  • Additional editor option - Filter and Normalizer.
  • Additional editor option - Undo operation.
  • Selecting part of sample during playback as effect.
  • MIDI controls for selecting part of sample.
  • Individual or group LFO for each effect parameter.
  • Inverting LFO value for each parameter.
  • LFO rate defined in seconds or beats with BPM sync.
  • Sync BPM with main or alter MIDI device or thru IAA.
  • Several new presets added.
  • Built-in description updated (also available as PDF).
  • Minor bug fixes.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Upcoming update of FieldScaper 1.7

FieldScaper - Sound warp field recorder and scape constructor for iPhone and iPad

With this update FieldScaper app gets the new features of field recorder - marking sample on minimum level points for more convenient search and cutting fragments, filter, normalizer and also possibility of undo the latest edit operations.

Field recorder is one of main parts of FieldScaper which is specially designed for record samples, noises and environmental sounds with an advanced options for start and stop recording by signal level or by length, auto record series of samples, filtering, noise gate, automatic gain control and also most useful editing sample operations - delete, trim, cut, append, copy and paste.

Create a fantasy soundtrack from ordinary samples with FieldScaper.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Distant Journey - Live performance

Distant Journey - Live performance with two iPad apps and bunch of gears

What is in setup?

Processing of synth sounds, pads and textures created on two apps on iPad - FieldScaper and SoundScaper. These apps work in real time and driven from two midi controllers. The sound of these apps is taken from external audio interfaces that connected to iPad thru usual usb hub and camera connection kit (Lightning to USB adapter).

SoundScaper generates some textures and noises (controlled by Korg nanoKontrol2, audio interface xDuoo XD-05). FieldScaper processes pad samples and the sounds from two synths (controlled by Novation Zero MkII, audio interface Focusrite Scarlett 6i6).

Synths - Roland Juno-60, Yamaha DX12 (melody line, processed by FieldScaper app). Clavia Nord, Moog Slim Phatty - bass line.

Korg Electribe EMX-1 as drum machine and sequencer.

Effect gears - Roland RE-201 Space Echo (together with Roland Juno-60), AKAI MFC 42 with Moog, Lexicon Vortex (Clavia). Reverbs - Yamaha SPX 90, Yamaha REV 7, AKG ADR 68. Compressors - DBX, TC Electronic.

Recorded on Sony TC-510-2 tapecorder directly from line out of mix console (Allen&Heath GS3V).

Another example of use FieldScaper app together with synths, audio interfaces and midi controllers -

FieldScaper live improvisation with MIDI controller

More videos of live performance with use these apps -

Polivoks synth with FieldScaper app
Glitched ambient (FieldScaper app in Looper mode)
SoundScaper 1.2 with Korg nanoKontrol
SoundScaper Live Demo

Felix Bernhardt - Livebox Pt.7, Elektron OT + SoundScaper
Alba Ecstasy - Radio Waves
Grant Horsnell - Cafe Conundrum

These powerful apps are ideal for creating most unusual and exciting soundscapes and available in single bundle on the App Store -

Exciting noise series bundle

Listen and download in the high quality -

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

SoundScaper ver. 1.8 has been released!

In this update was completely redesigned "Morphing scene" feature that is the new instrument as a part of SoundScaper specially designed for live improvisation with existing scenes.

[ Know more about SoundScaper ]

The morphing feature gives you ability of smooth switching between scenes in different modes and adding effects during the morphing process. With the morphing you can add a new dimension to existing scenes varying them in the real time. But the most interesting result can be reached with applying multifunctional filters and changing the oscillator parameters in transition state between scenes.

[ SoundScaper 1.8 application manual (PDF) ]

Demo of filters, morphing scene and feedback effect:

Also in this update:

  • New control pad of oscillators in the morphing interface.
  • Possibility to change oscillators parameters during the morphing.
  • Automatic output level control during the morphing.
  • Automatic return to zero option for parameters in morphing.
  • New  MIDI controls for the morphing options.
  • Added very creative feature of feedback.
  • Improved morphing modes.
  • Two range of rate for main LFOs.
  • Added option of drift for main LFOs.
  • Added new presets for oscillators.
  • Updated description of the application.
  • Description available as PDF on application site.
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

You can download the scenes which were used in that demo to your SoundScaper app.

1. Open this site on your iPad on which SoundScaper has installed.

2. Select entire text of first scene between marks "#SoundScaperScene:" and "===" (including them) and paste it to the text clipboard.

3. Open the SoundScaper app and tap on the scene title to open scenes list.

4. Tap the button "Paste". If the scene was copied to the clipboard correctly you will be prompted for confirmation of paste scene "DemoScene 1" to the scene list.

5. After that you can add scene "DemoScene 2" the same way.

DemoScene 1


DemoScene 2


Friday, September 2, 2016

New "Morphing scene" in upcoming SoundScaper 1.8

Completely redesigned "Morphing scene" option. In addition to smooth transition between scenes with different modes this option adds convenient touchpad for varying key parameters of oscillators. Also this touchpad has a new and very interesting parameter "Feedback" that gives the effect based on feedback distortions. Together with multifunctional filter touchpad the option of "Morphing scene" becomes a powerful and creative instrument for live performance.

The "Morphing scene" option gives you ability of smooth switching the scenes and add effects during the morphing process. Using these features you can add a new dimension to existing scenes varying them in the real time. The most interesting result can be reached with applying multifunctional filters and changing oscillators parameters in transition state between scenes. In general the morphing controls designed to use in live improvisation.

[ More about SoundScaper ]

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Felix Bernhardt - Livebox Pt.7, Elektron OT + SoundScaper

Felix Bernhardt did a fun live set using a bunch of gear and a couple of iPads! This is some grimy Dark EDM, which benefits from SoundScaper's weirdness!

Video Description:

livebox pt7... Have fun, enjoy and share :)
The full set goes a few minutes longer....
If you want to download this live set go to


Elektron Octatrack + Maschine are making the beats and some synths. Another Maschine is synced via Midi and goes in to the OT.

one Ipad is running SoundScaper this goes to the second Elktron OT input and get effected from it. OT goes straight into Ableton for final processing. The second ipad and the DJ Techtools Midi Fighter is used for controlling ableton.

Original story from: discchord

SoundScaper -