Friday, December 17, 2021

Movement of Time (BeatCutter)

This composition was generated by BeatCutter app from four sound sources in real time. The sound sources were four hardware synthesizers on which chord progressions were played. Additional output (channels 3,4) from the app was passed to the Classic FX app for processing, then mixed with main output.

>>> BeatCutter app on App Store

>>> Classic FX app on App Store

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

AltiSpace 2 app updated to version 1.2

This update brings significant additions to the app. AltiSpace now supports MIDI controllers (also Bluetooth) for all parameters with learn mode or assigning CC / RPN controls manually. Added a parameter that sets the fade out point for a smooth end of the impulse response. Added the option to filter the list of presets by part of the preset name (search for a preset). When importing impulse response files, you can now select multiple files at once. Improved UI scaling when use as audio unit. Updated built-in app description.

All new features can be found in the built-in description. This description is available as a PDF file.

>>> More about AltiSpace

Free acoustic impulse responses for auralization:

>>> Open Air Library

This demo shows the sound of different presets (impulse responses of real reverb devices) with different types of instruments. First, the original sample is played, then the same sample processed by the preset with the original impulse response, and finally the sample processed by the same impulse response, but with modified processing parameters. The result is two variant of sound with the same impulse response.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Sense #6216. Hardware and apps together

This experimental chaotic ambient was made in home studio with using a several of my apps together with hardware audio equipment. When using high-quality external audio interfaces, many iPad apps provide great sound quality and can be used in both home and professional recordings. What were used:

Drum machine Hammond Auto-Vari 64 processed by SoundSaw app.

Chaotic rhythmic ambient generated by BeatCutter app from a many sound sources. Rhythm defines by drum machine.

Reverb output from BeatCutter processed by Classic FX app instead of internal reverb. BeatCutter app can use up to 4 external inputs and playback up to 8 audio files (without limit of file length). For external input / output was used audio interface Focusrite Scarlett 6i6.

Synth theme was played on a Korg MS2000 and processed by AltiSpace 2 app.

Mixed on console Allen & Heath GS3V. Main reverb AKG ADR68k. Group compressors DBX, final processing T.C. Electronic Finalizer 96k.

The final recording was done on the tape recorder Sony TC-510-2.