Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Extended morphing LFO in Classic FX

In upcoming Classic FX app version 2.2 will be added extended LFO for morphing. This will expand the possibilities for experimenting with audio processing in the app.

There will be three LFOs in series where each LFO will add value or multiply the next one. Thus, you can create quite complex and varied morphing automation. But you can continue use only one LFO for simple morphing cycle.

LFO range can defines in beats or seconds. When use beats mode it will be synced with BPM and clock (internal or external). Each LFO has two ranges: Fast, from 0.25 to 32 beats or from 0.1 to 13 sec and Slow, from 33 to 160 beats or from 12 to 139 sec. The waveform of LFOs can be sine or triangle. For two LFOs, you can shift the phase. This adds even more variations to the output control signal. On the Morphing LFO screen, you can see a real graph of the output control signal.

In the new version, you can add the LFO output to the current morphing value, which is set by the large fader at the bottom of the main screen. This way you can change the morphing relative to the current value. The offset range from the current morphing value is set by the triangle fader on the bottom of main screen.

Now you can set the transition time from slot A to slot B regardless of the LFO range. Going directly to slot A or B is selected by two buttons at the bottom of the main screen.

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