Friday, December 28, 2012

Make a simple song with MIDI Pattern Sequencer

Used hardware: iPad + Alesis IO dock + Korg MicroX. Nothing sound processing. Sound was recorded on camera built-in microphone. It's demo only for highlights in working with sequencer app. In the future I plan actively use it in my musical projects.

Friday, December 21, 2012

My new project - MIDI Pattern Sequencer for iPad

Very soon I will publish my new project. At this time it's application for Apple iPad - MIDI Pattern Sequencer. I have long wanted to have a convenient and powerful sequencer on a device with a large touchscreen. iPad is best choice for this. Applications run very quickly and a lot of MIDI adapters there for it. I use Alesis IO dock.

But unfortunately I have not found any sequencer application that would suit me. Most of all in iPad music applications I don't like half-baked user interface and a lot of realistic elements which are quite uncomfortable to work and often difficult to operate with it. Also, painted realistic button will never be real.

In my application I tried to make sure that these problems was not. This sequencer I do for myself, and for those who will find it convenient for themselves. I hope that my goal will be close to many.

Of course, it will not be a free application. But it's not a business in the sense that I'm doing it only for money. Payments for this application it's support for me and for future development of it. Soon to be published the first version, but I'm not going to stop on it. I have a lot of ideas how to make this sequencer even more convenient and more advanced.

Next, some first screenshots of this application. More information you can get on

Pattern view:

MIDI Pattern Sequencer - Pattern view

Song view, Pattern track settings, MIDI console (click to enlarge):

MIDI Pattern Sequencer - MIDI console MIDI Pattern Sequencer - Song view MIDI Pattern Sequencer - Pattern track settings