Sunday, May 3, 2020

Classic FX - Reworked classic audio effects

Classic FX application is a complete sound effects processor and a mono to stereo enhancer with equalizer, effects and reverb, based on specially designed high-quality processing algorithms and suitable for any kind of audio sources. Classic FX will add brightness and expand the sound space of any musical instruments, synthesizers, drums or voice. Unique and varied effects with unified control parameters provide convenience and ease setup, while at the same time many opportunities for individual expression and experimentation.

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Each effect called “Algorithm” is based on a combination of classic effects, such as echo, rotary speaker, autowah, autopan, chorus, flanger, distortion, filters, and is almost like a separate application with its own distinctive sonic signature, which you can vary from subtle to very noticeable.

Complex and integrated effects sound much more varied and interesting than simple effect modules, and will give you the opportunity not to waste time looking for combinations of single effects, but to start creative work with the sound of your instruments right away.

Another unique feature of this application is the Morphing option, based on a complex transformation of effect matrices, which allows you to control the dynamic transition between any two effects. While this can produce mind-boggling effects, it couldn't be easier to control - you just need to move the fader or push a button. For more experiments with morphing this application has three linked LFOs to create more complex waveforms to modify the morphing. Each LFO has different ranges, waveforms and can sync with the main BPM. You can see the final waveform of all LFOs on the graph at different scales.

Some of the other exciting features of Classic FX are:

  • Classic FX has 22 unique processing algorithms and 40 different presets.
  • Two slots in which you can use different effects and smoothly morph between them.
  • Three band equalizer with high / low shelving filters and middle peaking filter.
  • Easy to use algorithmic reverb, suitable for any sound source.
  • Limiter on output prevents any possible clipping.
  • Envelope follower for dynamic control of each effect.
  • Sequencer for rhythmic control of each effect.
  • Three special LFO in series to automate morphing.
  • Hot buttons to change the active effect slot.
  • Changing a group of parameters at the same time.
  • Echo module, Sequencer, and Auto morphing synced with the main BPM source.
  • The effect algorithm and its parameters can be saved as a preset.
  • Detailed application description and description of algorithms.
  • Quick info and description of the algorithm used in presets.
  • Universal application for iPad and iPhone.
  • Supports Standalone, AUv3, Inter-App audio, Audiobus.
  • All parameters of equalizer, effects and reverb accessible for AUv3 host.
  • Supports Ableton Link with sync tempo and start / stop.

Complete description of Classic FX 2.2 (pdf)

Demos and reviews:

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  1. Can this fx app use an electric bass as an input instrument???
    Directly into the app??

    1. Yes, you can processing any external sound source (synth, guitar, voice) and even use this app as insert effect with the mix console. For this you need the external USB sound card that compatible with iOS. The better the sound card, the better the result.

  2. Hi, can the iphone's internal mic be used as an audio source?

    1. No, you can use external audio interface with mic or any other audio source, or use this app as IAA or AUv3 plugin with host app or DAW.

  3. Does Classic-FX have a MIDI learn function so you can map the functions to a MIDI controller?

    1. Version 2.2 doesn't support midi control. I plan add this option in one of the next version. But this app exposes external parameters when it uses as AUv3 module and in some AU host (like AUM as example) you can map these parameters to external midi controller.

  4. Hi,I wanna ask does this app work on Mac?

    1. Yes, I plan make this app work on macOS. This month or next.