Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Significant update to the SpaceFields app in version 1.2

This update introduces a new Sampler panel, designed to quickly load samples and conveniently control the application when using it live. The Sampler panel contains the input and output controls, essential controls of the loop recorder, and a large area with a recording counter, which is also used to start/stop the recorder.

  • You can assign up to nine samples for fast loading into the loop, as well as save a recorded loop as a sample and to an external accessible file.
  • MIDI controls or Audio unit parameters can be used to load samples.
  • An option in the settings allows you to make the Sampler panel the application's start screen.
  • Input/output and loop recorder parameters are now saved as application (audio unit) state and do not change when switching presets.
  • Built-in description has been significantly updated (also available as PDF file on the application site).
  • Some improvements and fixing a few minor bugs.

>>> More about SpaceFields

Complete description is available as a PDF file.

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