Sunday, January 13, 2019

Noise scenes pack for SynthScaper

Great and totally free scenes pack for SynthScaper with 15 noise scenes and 55 samples from Noise Inc!

"All sounds generated with SynthScaper app. No additional FX effects. All sound sources and textures used in demo were created by Noise Inc. This is a demo of Nose Inc"

You can download it with this link:,%20Noise%20Inc.synthscaper?dl=0

- Save this file to your Dropbox.
- In the SynthScaper app tap button "Files", then "Dropbox".
- Select file "Scenes pack Noise Inc.synthscaper" and tap "Download".
- After download, open scenes list, find and select item "* Scenes pack Noise Inc" in the main list.
- Use button "(Un) Pack" at the title to unpack it.
- You will see new group "Scenes pack Noise Inc" in the list that contains 15 scenes.
- Also in the files list will be group with the same name which contains 55 new samples.
- After unpack you can delete file "Scenes pack Noise Inc.synthscaper".

Also you can download this file in any other way and then by using Files app save this file to the SynthScaper folder.

Demo of scenes:

[ More demos from Noise Inc here ]

And there is demo video from The Sound Test Room - How to install:

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

FieldScaper MIDI controller

The special MIDI controller designed for iOS app FieldScaper. Great idea!

It includes a USB64 MidiBlock from Doepfer. The Knobs handles only the "Current" Oscillator. With the buttons you choose OSC 1 to 3 and set it to the Current Oscillator. It has also buttons for record, play and delete files, open and close Panels. With the Movement Knob in the Middle you can move the in and out markers for the Recorded Sound, to cut or trim it.

[ More about FieldScaper - Sound warp field recorder and scape constructor ]

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