Monday, July 29, 2019

SynthScaper PolyTron800 presets

This scenes pack for SynthScaper / SynthScaper LE apps contains samples recorded from modded Korg Poly-800 mkII and presets based on these samples. It contains 30 unique samples and 17 very atmospheric scenes / presets.

These presets were inspired by the sound of vintage electronic organs and string machines like Farfisa, Eminent, Elka, etc., and created so as to get a sound something like to sound of Mellotron tapes.

The samples on which these presets are based are full of noises, squeaks, cracklings, howls, overload and immersion in the atmosphere of the sound of analog synthesizers and early digital-analog hybrids with low resolution DACs.

You can easily use this pack with the SynthScaper LE app by downloading it and then use scenes and presets from this pack or creating new sound scenes by combining existing presets.

>>> SynthScaper LE (lightweight, AUv3)

Or you can use the samples from this pack to create your own completely new presets or modify existing presets in the advanced version of SynthScaper.

>>> SynthScaper (advanced version)

The presets and samples in this pack are free to use without any restrictions.

Recording and processing samples for SynthScaper:

Scenes pack file: PolyTron800.synthscaper

You can download this file in several ways:

1) Open this site on your iPad / iPhone in Safari browser and click to link above. Then select the app SynthScaper or SynthScaper LE in which you want to open this file.

2) Download this file to desktop Mac / PC and save it to your Dropbox or iCloud account. Or use any other way to copy this file to the Dropbox or iCloud. Use the system app "Files" on your iPhone / iPad to select this file and open it, specifying the app SynthScaper or SynthScaper LE as the target. Also you can copy this file to the existing folder "SynthScaper" or "SynthScaper LE" by using the app "Files".

3) Download this file to desktop Mac / PC and use app "iTunes" - "File sharing" to copy this file to the app SynthScaper or SynthScaper LE.

Open the scenes pack file in the SynthScaper app:

If you opened this file in the system app "Files", web browser or any other app, and specify the app SynthScaper LE as the target, this file will be imported automatically. You will see the group with name "PolyTron800" in the list of scene groups on the panel "Scenes". This group contains all new scenes.

If you copied this file to the folder "SynthScaper LE" by using system app "Files" or any other app, you need to import this pack to the SynthScaper LE app. Open the panel "Scenes", tap the button "Import scenes" and select the scenes pack file from the folder "SynthScaper LE" or from any other folder.

If you opened this file for the advanced version of SynthScaper, this file will be copied to the folder "SynthScaper" and will be available on the panels "File manager" and "Scenes". You need to unpack it manually. Open the panel "Scenes", select this file and tap the button "(Un) Pack" at the title of panel. The group with the name of this file will be created. This group contains all new scenes. All samples from this pack will be available on the panel "File manager" and on the panel "Samples library" - "User".

After importing / unpacking the scenes pack file, you can delete this file if you do not need it.

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  1. Hi Igor, what is the best way to use new Scenes pack file in both the Synthscapers? Thanks a lot

    1. For use these presets you need unpack / import this file in both versions. Then you can delete this file if you do not plan to use it again. All samples, scenes and presets will be stored in the SynthScaper / LE working folders.

  2. Thanks a lot Igor, I will do it

  3. These sound amazing! After watching the video, it looks like a lot of work went into making them! Interesting use of analog tape and digital recording. Looking forward to your other hardware synth samples. Thank you.

    1. Thanks! I plan some others experiments with recording samples mixed from sounds of different instruments and processing it with maximum reverberation to get deep, monotonic sounds like a drones.