Monday, January 28, 2019

SynthScaper + SynthScaper LE bundle

Bundle of two apps SynthScaper and SynthScaper LE is available. Two synth apps complement each other.

SynthScaper (advanced version) - synthesizer specially designed for creating and experiments with ambient soundscapes in wide range from noises to melodic instruments and everything in between.

SynthScaper LE - The special lightweight version of SynthScaper that let you easily create and modify your own multi-timbral pads and atmospheric soundscapes. You can construct a new sound from built-in library of unique and high-quality presets.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

SynthScaper LE - Tune panel

This is a new feature in the SynthScaper LE that lets you easily change the sound of presets and scenes. With this panel you can change parameters of each sound generator individually.

Two main parameters which have noticeable effect on sound are Attack and Release. On the panel "Tune" you can set the offset of these parameters from the value that defined by preset or scene.

The offset is performed for all ADSRs of all layers in such a way as not to break the base structure of tone.

The parameter "Accent" affect only on ADSRs which assigned on the volume levels. When this offset is positive the values of "Decay" will be increase and "Sustain" decrease. When offset is negative the values of "Decay" will be decrease and "Sustain" increase.

The parameter "Level adjust" change level of each layer. In case when for sound generator uses more that one layer. Changing this value you can amplify or attenuate volume level of each layer relatively others. Use this parameter neatly even a slightly change can have very noticeable affect on mix of layers.

The parameter "Tone adjust" increase or decrease offset of base tone for each layer in cents. Usually tone of each layer a very slightly shifted relatively each other. It gives more bright and saturated sound. So this parameter will increase dissonance when it positive or decrease it when negative.

With these parameters you can slightly change the sound of generators to make it smoother or sharper. Or make sound completely different from original.

The main advantage of this panel is that you can easy restore original sound of generator just reset all parameters to zero. Even when you save this scene and return to it later.

Also you can assign these parameters to any MIDI keyboard or controller and operate them in real time.

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Monday, January 21, 2019

SynthScaper LE - Multitimbral atmospheric sound

With the special lightweight version of SynthScaper LE you can easily create and modify your own multi-timbral pads and atmospheric soundscapes.

Three separate sound generators in this application give you possibility to create complex sound scenes by mixing and moving them in a common sound space using a spatial mixer. No need to construct a new sound from the beginning. Just use the built-in library of unique and high-quality presets for sound generators.

Key features:

  • Three sound generators each work as individual synth with its own preset.
  • The scene combines all generators and mixer to create complex sounds.
  • Spatial mixer simulates the common sound space for generators.
  • The ability to easily tune the key parameters of sound generators.
  • Multifunctional sequencer / arpeggiator for each generator.
  • Screen keyboard designed for continuous variations with sound.
  • Assign MIDI controls to parameters of generators and mixer.
  • Completely compatible with advanced version of SynthScaper.
  • Import scenes with samples from advanced SynthScaper.
  • Support Audio unit (AUv3), Inter-app audio, Audiobus and Ableton Link.
  • Auto detect and assign controls of MIDI keyboards (only specific models).

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Demos and reviews:

SynthScaper LE - Detailed tutorial (video)

The Sound Test Room - SynthScaper LE - AUv3 - Running in Cubasis - Demo for the iPad (video)

First try with Synthscaper LE from Rodolfo Ruiz - Sound demo (video)

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Noise scenes pack for SynthScaper

Great and totally free scenes pack for SynthScaper with 15 noise scenes and 55 samples from Noise Inc!

"All sounds generated with SynthScaper app. No additional FX effects. All sound sources and textures used in demo were created by Noise Inc. This is a demo of Nose Inc"

You can download it with this link:,%20Noise%20Inc.synthscaper?dl=0

- Save this file to your Dropbox.
- In the SynthScaper app tap button "Files", then "Dropbox".
- Select file "Scenes pack Noise Inc.synthscaper" and tap "Download".
- After download, open scenes list, find and select item "* Scenes pack Noise Inc" in the main list.
- Use button "(Un) Pack" at the title to unpack it.
- You will see new group "Scenes pack Noise Inc" in the list that contains 15 scenes.
- Also in the files list will be group with the same name which contains 55 new samples.
- After unpack you can delete file "Scenes pack Noise Inc.synthscaper".

Also you can download this file in any other way and then by using Files app save this file to the SynthScaper folder.

Demo of scenes:

[ More demos from Noise Inc here ]

And there is demo video from The Sound Test Room - How to install:

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

FieldScaper MIDI controller

The special MIDI controller designed for iOS app FieldScaper. Great idea!

It includes a USB64 MidiBlock from Doepfer. The Knobs handles only the "Current" Oscillator. With the buttons you choose OSC 1 to 3 and set it to the Current Oscillator. It has also buttons for record, play and delete files, open and close Panels. With the Movement Knob in the Middle you can move the in and out markers for the Recorded Sound, to cut or trim it.

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