Friday, July 7, 2017

SynthScaper - Soundscapes synthesizer

Synthesizer specially designed for creating and experiments with ambient soundscapes in wide range from noises to melodic instruments and everything in between.

The sound engine of SynthScaper has its own unique sounding differ from any other software synths. You can construct outstanding melodic pads or atonal soundscapes from different kind of built-in or downloaded samples by using all power of multi-layered oscillators, chains of filters and effects, envelope generators and low frequency oscillators. Or you can create your own sound scenes combining oscillators presets from build-in library. Or just use predefined scenes.

Very flexible settings of each module give you a great opportunity for creating unique and colorful sounding from usual instruments or natural samples and adding automated changes and spatial effects for an endless variations. Different ways of assigning screen and MIDI keyboards to the oscillators provide very advanced features to control the sound. The on-screen keyboard is adapted to create special effects and varying the continuous textures and drones.

The Designer tool using the neural network generates new presets based on already existing by adding some random variations and checking the result so that the new preset remains similar to the selected pattern.

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Guides and demos:

[ SynthScaper - Wide and deep sound with the single preset (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - Natural chorus and Spatial effects (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - How to assign "LFO" to parameters (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - How to use "Effect" parameters (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - Two-Voiced Drone (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - Start with your own samples (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - The Designer tool (short description) ]

[ SynthScaper - Arpeggiator / Sequencer overview (video demo) ]

[ SynthScaper - Automate pitch shifting (video demo) ]

[ SynthScaper - One shot sample demo (video demo) ]

[ SynthScaper modules connection diagram (big picture) ]

[ Complete description of SynthScaper 1.7 in one PDF file ]

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Main features:

  • Three independent oscillators.
  • Three layers with own samples in each oscillator.
  • Six voices in each layer.
  • Six envelope generators.
  • Six low frequency oscillators.
  • Arpeggiator / sequencer for each oscillator.
  • Designer tool for generate scenes and presets.
  • General processing of level, balance, LPF, HPF for each layer.
  • Three additional slots for filters and effects after each oscillator.
  • Set of different kind of filters and effect modules.
  • Spatial mixer with two different sound space.
  • Screen keyboard adapted for continuous drones and soundscapes.
  • Predefined set of keyboard scales and custom scales.
  • Full screen, double and split features for screen keyboard.
  • Options of screen keyboard for pitch, continuous, modify, velocity.
  • Supports for two virtual and two MIDI keyboards at the same time.
  • Flexible assigning keyboards and controls to the oscillators.
  • Two main effects controls can combine several parameters.
  • Uploading samples thru Dropbox, Web access, clipboard.
  • Auto and manual tuning of samples with frequency analyzer.
  • Set of predefined and ready-to-use scenes and presets. 
  • Built-in library of samples of instruments, synths, noises, etc.
  • Possibility to pack and share scenes and samples as single file.
  • Detailed application description.
  • Inter-App audio compatible (with transport and BPM controls).
  • Supports Audiobus 3 with "State Saving" and MIDI features.
  • Supports Ableton Link with start / stop sync.


Recommended at least iPhone 6 / iPad Mini 4 / iPad Air 2 and higher.

[ More about supported devices ]


SynthScaper - Detailed tutorial. Part 1 (video tutorial)

SynthScaper - Detailed tutorial. Part 2 (video tutorial)

SynthScaper - Tutorial Part 1: Getting started (SoundForMore Tutorials)

SynthScaper - Tutorial Part 2: How to manage Scenes (SoundForMore Tutorials)

SynthScaper - Tutorial Part 3: Management of Oscillator Presets (SoundForMore Tutorials)

SynthScaper - Tutorial Part 4: Oscillator Parameters: Layers and Samples (SoundForMore Tutorials)

SynthScaper - Tutorial Part 5: Oscillator Parameters: Tuning, Import beats (SoundForMore Tutorials)

SynthScaper - Some scenes demo (video demo)

Thesoundtestroom - SynthScaper Demo for the iPad (video demo)

Thesoundtestroom - SynthScaper quick play demo (video demo)

Thesoundtestroom - The New Preset Designer (video demo)

Red Sky Lullaby - SynthScaper Sound Design Demo (video demo)

Colin Powell - Enceladus, Live Jam with LayR and SynthScaper in AUM (live)

Colin Powell - Live Jam with SynthScaper, Bloxwave and Jamup Pro (live)

FROZEN LONESOME - FrozenSynthScaper One (video art)

James Dyson - Space ambient with SynthScaper (video art)


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    I just relaunched the website this week and I would like to make a review of your new App: Motion Soundscape
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    Thanks a lot for creating your App
    My best

    1. Please contact me thru Feedback form (at top right of this site) so I can send you promo code.

  2. Loving the new synth Igor! Great job

  3. I bought synths caper recently. It is amazing and really what I was looking for to make soundscapes. I am using it on my iPhone 8 and would like to know how can I record and transfer files to garage band. Thank you!

    1. There are many ways for that. You can record track directly in SynthScaper by using button "Rec" and then export it to any other audio apps by using option "Open in" in file manager or use "Copy/Paste" options. Also you can record output from SynthScaper in any Inter-app audio host apps like AUM or any DAW including GarageBand. Or you can use GarageBand as destination in Audiobus app and add SynthScaper as sound source in this app.

  4. That is very helpful Igor. I really appreciate it. I downloaded the program recently and I am still learning to work it. By the way where can I find the "rec" feature?

    1. On iPhone in the title tap button "R". On iPad at the right side there is button "Rec".

  5. Oh...dumb me...I just saw is that little "R" on the top right... thank you for all the help!!!!!! Your video is very insightful also!!!!!

  6. Hello ;

    This looks like a well designed synth. Can it receive midi via Bluetooth 4.0 on IOS iphone 8?
    Thank you

    1. Yes, starting from ver. 1.5 SynthScaper supports Bluetooth MIDI controllers

    2. Ok, great, I am going to purchase right now. Thank you.

  7. Hi i just purchased synthscaper ...looks amazing...but im trying to use my own soundsso i follow the downloading sounds from my dropbox but when i try to use them the user library is can i get help with this?

    1. You can open the "File manager" panel in the app and check that your sample is fit to use. If it's marked as "Unsupported" you need make sure that sample is compatible with the next requirements - Sample format: wav, aiff, mp3, mp4, m4a, aac, caf, au, snd. Sample rate from 11025 to 96000 Hz. Bit depth: 8, 16, 24, 32 bits. Mono (one channel) or stereo. Also please note that the minimum time of sample is 0.010 sec. Maximum time is 30 sec. Samples shorter or longer than specified time are unsupported. Also look at this article to more useful info -

  8. Please add MPE and AUV3 support!

    1. I plan add MPE. For AUv3 you can use SynthScaper LE. This app completely compatible with advanced version of SynthScaper. You can import scenes and samples which you created in SynthScaper to SynthScaper LE.

  9. Please add MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) and AUV3

  10. Hey I got the iPad mini 4, and there is about a 300ms pause between scene changes. If I get the iPad mini 5, will scene changes be instant? This is important for patch changing during performance. Thanks

    1. This time is needed to smoothly change all parameters from one state to new. Otherwise, clicks and rattling sounds may noticed when changing scenes. I will try to reduce this time to 50 - 100 ms, but I can not remove it altogether.

  11. Any plans for PC support? I can't stand the iPad anymore, its too inconvenient in the studio.

    1. No plans yet. Maybe in the future for macos.