Friday, July 7, 2017

SynthScaper - supported iOS devices

SynthScaper requires a quite enough CPU performance for processing when all oscillators and all voices are active. At the maximum using it will be 3 osc x 3 layers x 6 voices = 54 voices. And can playback up to 9 samples (3 osc x 3 layers) at the same time. And also filters, lfo and envelopes for each oscillator. That's a lot.

Therefore this app can works only on 64 bit devices.

I recommended use at least iPhone 6 / iPad Mini 4 / iPad Air 2 and higher because CPU A8 / A8X is enough not only for this app with maximum use but also for work with several another app at the same time thru Inter-App audio.

But you can start SynthScaper even on first 64 devices like iPad Air / iPad Mini 2 or 3 with CPU A7. It will works. But maybe you will need change some settings in this app for performance optimization especially when you use it with another apps.

Please read built-in description (use button "?" on the main screen) section "About" - "Performance optimization". For all other devices info from this section also will be useful.

[ More about SynthScaper - Soundscapes synthesizer ]


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    1. No, this app works only on 64 bit devices. At least iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5S.