Monday, December 31, 2018

New SynthScaper LE with AUv3 coming soon!

Easily create and tune your own multi-timbral pads and atmospheric soundscapes with the special lite version of SynthScaper LE. No need to construct a new sound from the beginning. Just use the built-in library of unique and high quality presets. Three sound generators each works as a separate synth, easy to use tune panel, advanced sequencer / arpeggiator, MIDI controls, Inter-App audio, Audiobus and Audio Unit!

Standalone app can auto detecting MIDI keyboards and automatically assign its controls. First, a few models, then there will be more. And you always can use any others by assign them manually.

Completely compatible with advanced version of SynthScaper. You can import scenes and its samples from this version to SynthScaper LE.

SynthScaper + SynthScaper LE bundle. Owners of advanced version SynthScaper can get SynthScaper LE by very low price.

New SynthScaper LE expected in mid-January.