Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy new year!

This year there have been many significant improvements in my applications.

The Audio Mastering and Master Record apps have been completely updated with many new features, new user interfaces and —Āompletely redesigned audio processing algorithms.

Also this year were released new application AltiSpace - Convolution Reverb which entered the list -

Top 10 iOS music apps of 2014 - the Music App Blog selection

But next year you will find that something completely new!

And of course in the New Year holidays all application sales.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Number Stations

Shortwave impressions from unusual broadcasts of number stations.


1. 507 Intro
2. Papa November / The Buzzer
3. Oblique
4. English Man
5. Messages

What's "Number Stations"?

Recording details:

These tracks were recorded and mixed live without using DAW. There were used several hardware synths, sequencers, processing devices and sound processing applications on Apple iPad. The recording was made on reel to reel 2-track tape recorder. Then it was digitized and final processed on iPad with external audio interface.

Record workflow:

Synths - Effects - Mix console - Reel2reel - Audio interface - iPad - Share

Synth gears:

Roland Juno 60, Yamaha DX 21, Alesis Micron, Moog Slim Phatty, Clavia Nord Lead 3, Korg MicroX, Polivoks

Sequencers and samplers:

Doepfer Dark Time, Korg Electribe EMX (as sequencer), Roland SP 555, Tascam Portastudio 424 MK III for pre-recorded tracks

Processing devices:

Akai MFC 42 Analog Filter Module, TC Electronic M350, Lexicon Vortex, Eventide Harmonizer H949, Roland SDE 2000, Klark Teknik DN 36, Urei 535, AKG ADR 68k

iPad applications:

Master FX, AltiSpace, Audio Mastering

Mixing console and recorder:

Allen&Heath GS3V, Sony Tapecorder TC-510-2, 2 track 1/4" tape recorder

Some interesting chains:

Pre-recorded 4 tracks of shortwave radio noise on Tascam Portastudio proceed on Akai MFC 42 (through mix console) and then slightly processed on TC Electronic M350.

Wide background sounds were created on Korg MicroX (custom preset without internal effects) with iPad app Master FX.

Sound from modified Polivoks with its own internal sequencer proceed on Roland SDE 2000 delay, next Urei 535 EQ divide on two channel like comb filter, next Klark Teknik DN 36, in result - bright and surround sound.

AKG ADR 68k was used as master reverb and iPad app AltiSpace was used in some cases for Roland Juno 60 and Clavia Nord Lead.

Recorded track from reel to reel Sony TC-510-2 digitized on Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 connected to iPad and final processed in Audio Mastering app on iPad.

More about used iPad applications:

Friday, April 11, 2014

Innerspace Welcome

Innerspace Welcome - an industrial ambient project of Igor Vasiliev and Alexander Zolotov (NightRadio).

00:00 Part 1.1 Immersion (overture)
05:05 Part 1.2 Mystical depth of mind
07:50 Part 1.3 Escaping reality

13:30 Part 2.1 Depression
18:28 Part 2.2 Stairway to heaven
22:15 Part 2.3 Infinity breath

25:38 Part 3.1 Crosscurrent
29:55 Part 3.2 Twilight
33:22 Part 3.3 Forgotten memories

36:43 Part 4.1 Transition
40:08 Part 4.2 Simple forms
43:06 Part 4.3 Final

This composition was recorded at live with using different sound gears and iPad apps:

For sound textures - Virtual ANS:
App Store:

Real time effect processor - Master FX:
App Store:

Recording - Master Record:
App Store:

Post processing and finalizing - Audio Mastering:
App Store: