Thursday, October 24, 2013

Electricity in the fish life

Sound impressions from old time radio broadcast.

Performance together with Alexander Zolotov author of Virtual ANS.

Recording: Master Record for iPad

Final processing: Audio Mastering for iPad

Musical instruments:

Virtual ANS for iPad

VTOL sound boxes

More about audio processing apps for iPad:

The workflow in brief:

Opening and final themes also as deep and rich themes into track it's iPad application Virtual ANS. 

Other sounds were taken from DIY sound boxes.

On first stage they were sampled and pre-processed on Korg Electribe ESX and Roland SP-555.

Voice slightly processed and taken from iPad app Master Record.

All of this was played and recorded in real-time on 4 track on OTARI RADAR.

Next, each track has been processed on different devices - AKG ADR 68 (reverb), UREI 535 (eq) + Klark Teknik DN 36 (delay), Lexicon Vortex, TC Electronic M350 (multieffects). Then mixed on Allen Heath GS3V.

Post-processing was done on the Audio Mastering app for iPad.

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