Wednesday, October 3, 2018

SynthScaper - Tutorials and How-To's

Synthesizer specially designed for creating and experiments with ambient soundscapes in wide range from noises to melodic instruments and everything in between.

The sound engine of SynthScaper has its own unique sounding differ from any other software synths. You can construct outstanding melodic pads or atonal soundscapes from different kind of built-in or downloaded samples by using all power of multi-layered oscillators, chains of filters and effects, envelope generators and low frequency oscillators.

SynthScaper Tutorial: Part 1 - A moderately detailed walkthrough of the main features of SynthScaper on iOS.

SynthScaper Tutorial: Part 2 - Digging deeper with SynthScaper. Looking at: (1) LFO setup, (2) Using Effect 1 and Effect 2 virtual controls to modulate multiple simultaneous parameters, and (3) Dissecting some presets to get inspiration.

SynthScaper How-To's:

[ SynthScaper - Wide and deep sound with the single preset (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - Natural chorus and Spatial effects (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - How to assign "LFO" to parameters (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - How to use "Effect" parameters (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - Two-Voiced Drone (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - Start with your own samples (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - The Designer tool (short description) ]

[ SynthScaper - Arpeggiator / Sequencer overview (video demo) ]

[ SynthScaper - Automate pitch shifting (video demo) ]

[ SynthScaper - One shot sample demo (video demo) ]

[ SynthScaper modules connection diagram (big picture) ]

[ Complete description of SynthScaper 1.7 in one PDF file ]