Tuesday, March 28, 2023

GlitchScaper - Rhythm & Glitch machine

GlitchScaper is a rhythm machine with six sound generators, each controlled by a two-layer cycle sequencer, designed to easily create glitchy patterns and scapes.

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Universal app for iOS and macOS (AUv3)

To quickly find new ideas, each generator has separate options for making sequences and tones. The parameters of the new sequences and tones are set randomly, but are guided by several user-defined options, which in outline define the steps of the sequence and the type of tone or noise. This allows you make a quick draft of a pattern and then simply tweak it to get the final sound. The advanced copy function gives you ability to quickly make a new preset by copying sequences and tones from existing ones.

The tone generator makes bright and rich sounds based on 12 complex waveforms or various types of noise, and can also use an external input as a signal source. Effects transform the tone from smoothly varying to full of squeaks and rattles. Each effect is modulated by a special envelope generator with different shapes that change throughout the sequencer step.

The sound generators have individual spatial effects, as well as a common reverb space for all generators that adds an ambient layer to the final mix. The final mix can be even brighter and heavy or pumping with the built-in harmonic exciter and bass enhancer.

The intuitive interface and powerful sound design features make this application super convenient for creating your own, unique sound.

GlitchScaper is great for creating simple beats with an interesting and unusual sound, but it was originally designed for digital distorted patterns with longer steps that blend perfectly with the rhythms of classic drum machines and sequencers.

GlitchScaper is a universal application for iOS and macOS. It can work on iPhone and iPad as well as Mac / MacBook with M1 chip (and later). GlitchScaper works on iPhone and iPad standalone, as an Audio Unit or Inter-App Audio module, and supports Audiobus and Ableton Link. On MacOS, GlitchScaper can works both as a standalone application and as an Audio unit (AUv3) with DAWs and audio unit hosts like Ableton Live, Logic Pro, GarageBand, MainStage, Cockos Reaper, Plogue Bidule, Hosting AU, and other hosts that support AUv3 plugins. All application features are available on iOS and macOS, including MIDI support (with a MIDI learn option) and audio unit parameters. GlitchScaper has a built-in detailed description of all parameters also available as PDF file on the application site.

>>> Complete description of GlitchScaper 1.1 (pdf)

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