Friday, March 31, 2023

GlitchScaper - What's coming in the next update

GlitchScaper is a rhythm machine with six sound generators, each controlled by a two-layer cycle sequencer, designed to easily create glitchy patterns and scapes.

In the new version that I'm planning to release next month, I want to add some new features that users of the first release would like to see.

- The "Solo" button will be added next to the "Mute" button.

- A button will be added to control all "spatial" effects for all generators including common reverb space. Values: "On" - current mode (as it is now), "Continue" - current mode with continued sound after the sequencer stops (a long tail), "Off" - all spatial effects are turned off (except echo, chorus, phaser).

- Another generator mode will be added to work with the input signal. The current "Input" mode will be renamed to "Loop", which means that the generator uses the input signal loop. The new "Stream" mode means that the generator uses a direct input stream without an internal buffer. In this mode, you will not be able to change the pitch of the generator. All parameters related to the generator frequency are not used. In this mode, the generator will work more like a gated effect, which can also be interesting.

- All sequencer parameters will be added to the list of assignable MIDI controls. Also it will be possible to assign MIDI controls for the "Make sequence" and "Make tone" buttons.

- The option to create directories in the list of presets will definitely be in this and possibly in other my apps. But not in this update. Maybe in the next.

- A useful addition could be a mode in which all the parameters of one generator will be placed in one section, and it will be possible to select the current generator. Also in this mode it will be possible to assign one MIDI control to a common parameter for all generators. In this case the MIDI control will change that parameter for the current generator. This will expand the ability to control the app through a MIDI controller. How it is done, for example, in BeatCutter app. But most likely, this mode will be added not in the upcoming update, but in the next one.

- Also will be added several new presets, the description will be updated and, of course, all found bugs will be fixed.

I want to remind you that this update will be free for those who bought GlitchScaper. All my apps don't have in-app purchases or subscriptions. You pay once.

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This will inspire me for future improvements and updates. :)

GlitchScaper can work on both iPad / iPhone and Mac (with Apple M1 chip and later). You can buy it from the iOS App Store, then install it on your Mac at no extra charge.

Read this article to know more about how to use iOS apps on Mac and see which of my apps are already available on Mac.

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