Sunday, April 9, 2023

GlitchScaper tutorials

A series of very detailed tutorials on the GlitchScaper app from the channel "SoundForMore Tutorials". Series will be added as they become available (I hope it will).

GlitchScaper - Rhythm & Glitch machine >> App Store

GlitchScaper is a rhythm machine with six sound generators, each controlled by a two-layer cycle sequencer, designed to easily create glitchy patterns and scapes. >>> More about this app

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More from "SoundForMore Tutorials"

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>>> BeatCutter (Rhythm slicing & recombining) tutorials

>>> SynthScaper (Soundscape synthesizer) tutorials

>>> AltiSpace (Advanced Convolution Reverb) tutorial

>>> SoundSaw (The Art of Sound Destruction) tutorial

>>> Classic FX (Reworked classic audio effects) tutorial

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