Monday, May 14, 2012

Sony TC-510-2 Stereo Tapecorder

One of Sony's little remembered but excellent professional portable reel to reel tape recorder, sold in Japan under the TC-5550-2 moniker. It also is one of the cutest chunk of audio kit ever designed.

This machine featured the hardened Ferri-chrome heads which after many hours of use look brand new. The tape deck is driven by one DC servo controlled motor, and uses a very similar tension system to the Nagra machines. Thanks head design, this machine boast 30-27 kHz frequency response at 19 cm/s (7.1/2 ips), with a wow and flutter of 0.08%. TC-510-2 could either be operated on 8 D-type batteries, Sony's unique battery pack or slot-in power supply.

After refurbished and cleaning it uses for recording final tracks.

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