Thursday, May 18, 2023

GlitchScaper as gated effect

Each GlitchScaper generator can act as a gated effect. To use this feature, select the "Stream" mode in the "Tone" section of the generator panel. In this mode, the external input of the app (input of the Audio unit effect) becomes the signal source for the generator. The signal is processed by the generator directly, without recording to the loop. The "Gate" parameter in the "Tone" section defines the envelope that controls the input signal level of the generator. Parameters "Frequency / Envelope", "Frequency / Range" and "Modulate the frequency / Type" are not used in this mode. Thus, the each active step of the internal sequencer opens the gate (run the envelope) and passes the input signal through the generator effects.

The input signal is cut into steps associated to an external rhythm (BPM) when this app is used as an Audio unit in a DAW or host app. That allows you to create ambient or glitch patterns match to the rhythm of a drum machine (or another instance of the GlitchScaper audio unit) from any external sources, regardless of its original rhythmic structure. Of course, for creating ambient patterns with long sequencer steps, it is best to use smooth source material with a not very noticeable rhythm. Using all six GlitchScaper generators as gated effects, you can create quite complex patterns. For example from internet radio.

Tip: In usual mode, the tone constructor (button "Make tone") uses an internal tone or noise as the generator signal source. To use the tone constructor for an external signal, set the generator to the "Stream" mode in the "Tone" section. In this mode, you can use the tone constructor for an external signal.

In the following example, the GlitchScaper processes the signal from the minimalistic streaming internet radio app Ström and creates a patterns that matches well with the rhythm of the drum machine app Elastic Drums. AUM app is used as the Audio unit / Inter-app audio host.

GlitchScaper is a rhythm machine with six sound generators, each controlled by a two-layer cycle sequencer, designed to easily create glitchy patterns and scapes. >> App Store

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