Wednesday, January 23, 2019

SynthScaper LE - Tune panel

This is a new feature in the SynthScaper LE that lets you easily change the sound of presets and scenes. With this panel you can change parameters of each sound generator individually. To open this panel, click the “Tune” button on the tab bar.

Parameters: Attack, Release, Accent

The two main parameters that have a noticeable effect on the sound are “Attack” and “Release”. In the "Tune" panel you can set the offset of these parameters relative to the value defined by the preset or scene. The offset is performed for all ADSRs of all layers in such a way as not to break the base structure of tone.

The "Accent" parameter only affects ADSRs that are assigned for the volume level of all layers of the current sound generator. When the value of this parameter is positive, the “Decay” values ​​will increase, and the “Sustain” values ​​will decrease. When the value is negative, the “Decay” values ​​will decrease, and the “Sustain” values ​​will increase.

Parameter: Level adjustment

The “Level adjust” parameter changes the level of each layer of the current sound generator. But only in the case when more than one layer is used for the generator. By changing this value, you can increase or decrease the volume level of the layers relative to each other. Use this option neatly. Even a small change can have a very noticeable effect on layers mix.

Parameter: Tone adjustment

The "Tone adjust" option increases or decreases the base tone offset for each layer by cents. Usually the tone of each layer is slightly offset relative to each other (usually a few cents). This gives a brighter and more saturated sound. Thus, this parameter will increase dissonance when it is positive, or reduce it when it is negative.

What is the advantage?

Using these parameters you can slightly (or more noticeably) change the sound of the generators to make it smoother or sharper. Or make the sound completely different from the original preset.

The main advantage of this panel is that you can easily restore the original sound of the generators by simply setting the values ​​of these parameters to zero. Even when you save this scene and return to it later.

You can also assign these parameters to any MIDI keyboard and control them in real time or at the live performance.

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