Sunday, December 11, 2011

Modified soviet synth Polivoks

Well known soviet analog synthesizer Polivoks modified for creating strange sequences. Keyboard was removed, but can use as separate module thru cable connection (it's not MIDI keyboard, so can use only with the main module). Instead of the keyboard, installed a front panel with controls of additional synthesizer modules. All new additional modules can be bypassed and synthesizer will sound as original (even better).

These modules are: 2 voltage control LPF (after 2 native VCO) and 2 LFO with long time period (have 3 wave form - sine, triangle, square). Each LFO can control additional filters and native VCO (it was made because the internal modulator don't have a low range mode). 

And very interesting new part it's "Interval sequencer". Unlike from classic linear sequencer this is not sequential switching individual tones. This sequencer based on 12 independent low frequence oscillators. Each of this oscillator can turn on own tone. But each next will turn off current tone and turn on own tone. Thereby will generate continuously changing patterns from fixed set of tones. It's a bit difficult to tune, but gives a very interesting sound constructions.

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Some photo of modification process:

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