Friday, January 1, 2016

Top iOS music apps of 2015

Top 10 iOS music apps of 2015 - the Music App Blog selection

"2015 has certainly been another eventful year of iOS music making. As ever, we have had to deal with the annual cycle of both hardware and software updates from Apple. 

We have seen some of our favourite iOS music apps updated – and I’ll perhaps give a few of my personal highlights later – but we have also had the introduction of a brand new crop of brilliant iOS music apps.

So, if Christmas delivered your first iOS device, and you are looking to populate it with some of the best apps of 2015, which apps should you choose? I’ll add the same qualifier here as I’ve done in previous years; any ‘top apps’ list is bound to be a totally subjective selection but, if you want the Music App Blog take on the top ten app highlights of the last 12 months, then here goes..."

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Top 10 music apps 2015 - haQ attaQ 110

"Here’s my top 10 list of music apps from 2015! A lot of good apps have been released this year. I wasn’t easy making a round up of my most favorite ones."

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Best iPad Synthesizer Apps Released in 2015 - Synth Anatomy

"This are my favourite releases in 2015. I consider in majority only releases from 2015 and two updates from apps released in 2014. If you missing Nave and other synths, please consider that the choice is only for Synths released in 2015. This choice is only my favourites and maybe you have another selection."

The Best New Mobile Music Apps Of 2015 - Synthtopia

"Best of 2015: We asked and you voted on the Best New Mobile Music Apps of 2015."

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