Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Glitched ambient (FieldScaper app in Looper mode)

This demo shows one way to use the mode "Looper" - "Overdub" in FieldScaper app for real-time processing and transform sound of the input source.

How to make something like this

In the mode "Overdub" recorder will start record into loop when the input signal becomes above threshold and stop when below. But playback of the loop don't stop and already recorded signal not erased. So you can continuously update the loop by overdubbing only part of its content. It can be very creatively when you use presets that changing the pitch, direction and addressing (see Oscillator - Address section) when playback.

To get the result something like this demo you need switch to the mode "Looper" (button "Looper" on the main screen) and select processing mode "Overdub". Then assign one of preset buttons to factory default preset "Dark and foreboding places" and set this preset active. Set the fader "Effect" to about the half right.

In the panel of input settings (button "Input" or "Audio input control") set the parameter "Stop recording threshold" to about -15 db. To avoid the large silence gap in the loop set the parameter "Stop recording time" to about 0.100 sec. This will reduce the tail with low volume level between the input signal drops below threshold and record will stopped.

Also it's recommended to increase parameter "Input amplify" up to about +10 db so that the level of input signal was at least from -15 db and more even with a small limiting. Many presets give the best result when the input signal level is high enough.

When the input source is synth or other musical instrument or app set the input channel filter at least from "40 Hz" to "12 kHz" ("16 kHz"). When record from microphone the best use "60 Hz" filter to avoid unnecessary peaks that can affect to the signal threshold detector and gate.

After complete all settings tap the button "Start" (in the mode "Looper") to start processing the input source.

Move the fader "Effect" to get other sound. You can change any other parameters of this preset to achieve another effect and then create your own preset. Start from "Filter - Frequency / Resonance" and its LFO and also try to change "Oscillator - Clock / Clock offset".

[ Complete description of FieldScaper 1.5 in one PDF file ]


  1. Hello, is this app compatible ith a Iphone 4s?thanks

    1. Yes, this app will works on iPhone 4S (but no so good on just 4).