Wednesday, April 27, 2016

FieldScaper live improvisation with MIDI controller

In this demo FieldScaper app on iPad is used as main audio processing unit and fully operated by using external MIDI controller.

What were used in this setup

Two synthesizers (one with additional effect unit) were used as external audio sources for first oscillator in FieldScaper. This oscillator was configured in mode "Looper" - "Effect". Synthesizers were connected to two different input channels of external audio interface in mono mode. In the app these channels combined to one for use in oscillator. For this oscillator was used the slightly modified preset "Dark and foreboding places".

With this preset (as well as others) you can discover a whole new aspects of already familiar sounds and presets of synths. In other demo you can hear how this preset can transform sounding of usual synthesizer pad -

Glitched ambient (FieldScaper app in Looper mode)

Two other oscillators (second and third) were configured for using preloaded samples with several presets. All oscillators were operated by using MIDI controller. The six faders at the right side are assigned on "Main effect" and "Output level" for each oscillator. Buttons below assigned for switch between presets and samples. Knobs at the left side are assigned for mixer "Distance" / "Panorama", filter "Frequency" / "Resonance" and for "Clock" / "Clock offset".

MIDI controller and external audio interface are connected to iPad (in this demo iPad 4 with iOS 9.3.1) thru Lightning to USB camera adapter and usual USB hub. If the controller or audio interface require a power thru USB you need use USB hub with external power adapter.

FieldScaper can fully operated by using external MIDI controller. With advanced MIDI controller you can access many parameters of the app in real time. But even with simple controller you can change basic parameters of oscillators (such as "Main effect" and "Output level") and easily switch between presets and samples. This very conveniently at live performance.

Also FieldScaper has special mode "Looper" in which on the single screen are placed several main controls for oscillators and buttons for quick switching between presets and samples. This mode is specially designed for comfortable use this app for live performance even without external MIDI controllers.

[ Complete description of FieldScaper 1.5 in one PDF file ]

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