Thursday, June 30, 2016

IPAD APP CAFE: I Am a Noisey Person!

In dealing with the title of today’s blog post, I am reporting on the results of an experiment I performed with DRC Polyphonic Synthesizer, AUM and FieldScaper. For the uninitiated, AUM is a utility app that allows you to use and mix several apps and effects. I have previously covered AUM in another post. Likewise, FieldScaper is a field recording/audio-mangling app, also covered by a previous post(feel free to look through the archives). New to the table is DRC polyphonic Synthesizer. DRC is a free app that models an analog polyphonic synth, utilizing two oscillators, a sub oscillator, ring modulation and noise. It has all the usual accoutrements (filter, envelope generator, et al) and an effects section. What’s interesting to note is that the delay and reverb on board can be modulated by an LFO. Because of this feature, I began my sonic brew.

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