Thursday, September 1, 2016

Felix Bernhardt - Livebox Pt.7, Elektron OT + SoundScaper

Felix Bernhardt did a fun live set using a bunch of gear and a couple of iPads! This is some grimy Dark EDM, which benefits from SoundScaper's weirdness!

Video Description:

livebox pt7... Have fun, enjoy and share :)
The full set goes a few minutes longer....
If you want to download this live set go to


Elektron Octatrack + Maschine are making the beats and some synths. Another Maschine is synced via Midi and goes in to the OT.

one Ipad is running SoundScaper this goes to the second Elktron OT input and get effected from it. OT goes straight into Ableton for final processing. The second ipad and the DJ Techtools Midi Fighter is used for controlling ableton.

Original story from: discchord

SoundScaper -

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