Sunday, May 23, 2021

BeatCutter: Zero input effect

In the next update of BeatCutter app will be added one fairly simple, but very advanced option - Feedback.

The new button will enable send the mix of all 8 output buses (without reverb) to the input C4. That is, it will replace the signal from the external input to the feedback signal. This is a cutting-edge ability to create true sound abstractions, unrelated to any external samples or tracks and it opens up a huge potential for experimentation and inspiration.

There is something mystical about it when very complex sound structures arise from literally nothing.

Of course, to activate the feedback, you must first charge the sample matrix with any external source signal. After that, you can switch all input buses to input C4 and after several iterations it will be a completely different signal generated as a pure abstraction without any reference to external sources.

Another way is to use feedback and external sound sources at the same time on different input buses. It can also give very interesting results.

BeatCutter is an experimental multi-channel app for slicing and recombining sound based on rhythm. In the center of the app is a matrix of sample cells with smoothly reconfigurable recording, playback and control busses. This app is best for those who would like to experiment with long sound files or live instruments, creating chaotic constructions and patterns from sliced rhythm-driven samples.

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