Monday, November 14, 2022

VintageRack app updated to version 1.2

This update adds four new effect modules and expands the capabilities of the existing one. VintageRack now contains 19 high quality effects, each with its own unique sound character. All modules are clear and do not contain anything superfluous. You can easily create your own effect chains that will decorate, add space and atmosphere to the sound of any instrument or voice with this app right out of the box by simply selecting modules and listening to how they change the sound.

What's new:

  • Added spring reverb with the most interesting springs and tube preamp with two band EQ.
  • Added module realistically simulates three classic Wah stompboxes controlled by an envelope or LFO.
  • Added module that simulates two vintage exciters with harmonic bass enhancer.
  • Added module with options for classic formant filter, ring modulator with formant carrier tone and formant voice synth controlled by pitch detector.
  • The Fuzz module has got a new option of the well-known distortion device.
  • An existing module called AutoWah renamed to AutoFilter. The new module was named AutoWah (presets will not be lost).
  • Also made some improvements and fixed a few minor bugs.
  • App description has been updated. The description is also available as PDF file.

VintageRack - Easy LoFi Vintage Vibe Effects >> App Store

VintageRack is a minimalistic and convenient multi-effect application that contains modules realistically simulating notable retro gear from the early digital age with their natural lo-fi and warm aesthetics. Most of the effects in this application have been inspired and based on the principles of actual hardware from the 70s and 80s, which is great for giving the sound of any instrument the nostalgic and emotional mood of old recordings. >>> More about this app

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