Saturday, December 31, 2022

Synths and Apps #4

Korg & Korg with SpaceFields and ClassicFX apps. The Korg MS2000 sequence is recorded as loop in the SpaceFields app. The app then plays this loop, modifying it into an ambient background with one of the factory presets. This sequence from the synth is also added to the final mix. Sound from Korg MicroX processed by ClassicFX app, make it deeper and extended. Howling and whistling sounds are made on the Korg MicroX by changing the frequency and resonance of low pass filter in the one of factory preset. Both sources was mixed and recorded live.

Besides real time signal processing, SpaceFields can also be used as a sampler on iOS or Mac with preloaded audio files. This app can be fully controlled via a MIDI controller with triggering sample playback.

SpaceFields - Space Ambient Machine >> App Store

SpaceFields (iOS, Mac, Audio unit) is a mangler effect for creating slowly changing rhythmic sound structures in a deep reverb space from any external signal. Great for experimenting and designing ambient and noise backgrounds with rhythmic elements. >>> More about this app

ClassicFX - Reworked classic audio effects >> App Store

A complete sound effects processor and a mono to stereo converter with equalizer, effects and reverb, based on specially designed high-quality processing algorithms and suitable for any kind of audio sources. >>> More about this app

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