Wednesday, October 21, 2015

FieldScaper 1.1 already submitted for review

And so first release and first problem. On the iPhone 6s there is problem with using internal mic. The hardware sample rate for internal mic is fixed at 48 kHz and app can't change it. With headset or external audio card all ok. Unfortunately the FieldScaper can't start without connected headphones on this device.

But don't worry, I found and fix this issue. New version 1.1 already submitted for review and I asked for expedited review of this update. Will it be fast or as usual I don't know. But I hope they respond.

Also in this update several significant improvements:

- Improved user interface and sound engine.
- Each oscillator start separately.
- One oscillator can be started in loop mode, others playback samples.
- File markers In and Out stored for each file.
- Improved performance.


  1. Really enjoyed first day of playing with FieldScaper. Brilliant that it works on iPhone. I can see already that this is a great instrument.

    A couple of niggles for me:

    1/ The help file text isn't zoomable so I can't hardly read it on my iPhone.
    2/ Same for the sample waveform. Difficult to place the markers with any accuracy on a small screen. How about going into landscape would zoom the waveform fullscreen for better editing?

    Then I see an update already. But now I have to press 5 times to start all the oscillators, same to stop them. Any chance we could have a button in settings to toggle the old behaviour back on?

    Lastly, the iPhone desperately needs a mastering solution. I regularly use your Audio Mastering on iPad and am learning a great deal for using it. I would be happy to buy it again for the iPhone. What are the chances?

    1. Any suggestions are welcome :)
      1. I'll try to prepare single pdf file with help soon.
      2. I'll think about other ways to positioning markers. But now you can double tap to the waveform to open control panel in which you can more precisely move the pointer by buttons +0.1 / -0.1 sec.
      3. New way of start oscillators more flexible. You can start loop mode and then start oscillators or just play file and it will not affect to others. I think it more convenient. But can make single button (or other way) to start all three oscillators at once.
      Audio Mastering for iPhone in plans, but I need some more time to improve my last projects before I could start new (porting on iPhone it's like a new project).

  2. Hi Igor and thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I am a developer also, so I understand the difficulties with juggling user requests.

    1. Great news about the PDF. Doesn't need to be fancy just something I can zoom to read.
    2. I saw the buttons you mention but even 0.1 of a second can be too big a jump if you trying to fit to the start of a sample.
    3. I'm not sure I understand "can make single button to start all three oscillators at once" do you mean triggering via midi?

    As for Audio Mastering, if you do decide to create it for the iPhone, please consider having it as a separate app just for iPhone. You need to get compensated properly for the extra work and there is nothing like it on the iPhone as far as I am aware.

    Thanks again for this great app, Joc

    1. 3. No, I mean that I can add this feature in the next version :) ie additional button or something other for start all osc at once. And also midi command for this operation.
      Thanks! I also think that the best to do Audio Mastering as separate app for the iPhone.

  3. FieldScaper description in single file -