Saturday, October 31, 2015

FieldScaper podcast from iOS Music And You

iOS Music And You Podcast 025: Analogkit Interview (Part 2), FieldScaper, Garageband

In the second part of the show, we take a look at my app pick, a sound warp field recorder and scape constructor called FieldScaper from Igor Vasiliev. The app was made to shorten the way from recording samples to creating soundscapes; it’s also a great way to glitch out your music in a big way. I start out my demoing a recording that a made in the “field” and taking through a variety of presets. I talk about the some of the possibilities when you alter parameters within the app on your own and then dig deep into the power of FieldScaper by getting recordings into all three oscillators. From there, I put a more traditional recording of a drum loop from DM1 into FieldScaper and alter things in a glitchy kind of way. There’s so many sonic possibilities in FieldScaper that will open you to a world of new sounds – it’s really worth giving a try. For those of you that are already using FieldScaper, I’d love to know what you think – drop me a line and tell me what you think of FieldScaper.

iOS Music And You

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