Friday, October 7, 2016

Distant Journey - Live performance

Distant Journey - Live performance with two iPad apps and bunch of gears

What is in setup?

Processing of synth sounds, pads and textures created on two apps on iPad - FieldScaper and SoundScaper. These apps work in real time and driven from two midi controllers. The sound of these apps is taken from external audio interfaces that connected to iPad thru usual usb hub and camera connection kit (Lightning to USB adapter).

SoundScaper generates some textures and noises (controlled by Korg nanoKontrol2, audio interface xDuoo XD-05). FieldScaper processes pad samples and the sounds from two synths (controlled by Novation Zero MkII, audio interface Focusrite Scarlett 6i6).

Synths - Roland Juno-60, Yamaha DX12 (melody line, processed by FieldScaper app). Clavia Nord, Moog Slim Phatty - bass line.

Korg Electribe EMX-1 as drum machine and sequencer.

Effect gears - Roland RE-201 Space Echo (together with Roland Juno-60), AKAI MFC 42 with Moog, Lexicon Vortex (Clavia). Reverbs - Yamaha SPX 90, Yamaha REV 7, AKG ADR 68. Compressors - DBX, TC Electronic.

Recorded on Sony TC-510-2 tapecorder directly from line out of mix console (Allen&Heath GS3V).

Another example of use FieldScaper app together with synths, audio interfaces and midi controllers -

FieldScaper live improvisation with MIDI controller

More videos of live performance with use these apps -

Polivoks synth with FieldScaper app
Glitched ambient (FieldScaper app in Looper mode)
SoundScaper 1.2 with Korg nanoKontrol
SoundScaper Live Demo

Felix Bernhardt - Livebox Pt.7, Elektron OT + SoundScaper
Alba Ecstasy - Radio Waves
Grant Horsnell - Cafe Conundrum

These powerful apps are ideal for creating most unusual and exciting soundscapes and available in single bundle on the App Store -

Exciting noise series bundle

Listen and download in the high quality -

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