Thursday, October 20, 2016

Upcoming update of FieldScaper 1.7

FieldScaper - Sound warp field recorder and scape constructor for iPhone and iPad

With this update FieldScaper app gets the new features of field recorder - marking sample on minimum level points for more convenient search and cutting fragments, filter, normalizer and also possibility of undo the latest edit operations.

Field recorder is one of main parts of FieldScaper which is specially designed for record samples, noises and environmental sounds with an advanced options for start and stop recording by signal level or by length, auto record series of samples, filtering, noise gate, automatic gain control and also most useful editing sample operations - delete, trim, cut, append, copy and paste.

Create a fantasy soundtrack from ordinary samples with FieldScaper.


  1. отлично, и было бы здорово, и скидку по случаю, если возможно, - много симпатичных приложений в аппсторе, трудно уложиться по деньгам:)

    1. распродажа пока не планируется, напишите мне в feedback у меня тут случайно завалялся лишний промо код :)

    2. спасибо, написал)