Monday, February 4, 2019

SynthScaper LE Tutorial

A look at the main features of the new SynthScaper LE version

With the special lightweight version of SynthScaper LE you can easily create and modify your own multi-timbral pads and atmospheric soundscapes.

[ SynthScaper LE - Tune panel ]

[ Complete description of SynthScaper LE 1.1 (pdf) ]

[ List of auto detected MIDI keyboards (pdf) ]

Demos and reviews:

The Sound Test Room - SynthScaper LE - AUv3 - Running in Cubasis - Demo for the iPad (video)

First try with Synthscaper LE from Rodolfo Ruiz - Sound demo (video)

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  1. I’m completely new to this. I have seen your list of supported keyboards. Can you clarify for me if other keyboards will work with your apps. Thanks

    1. Yes, You can use any MIDI keyboard or controller with this app. Supported keyboards will be recognized this app and for them not needed additional settings. Any other keyboard also will works with this app at once you connect it to device but only basic controls will be used - keys, pitch shift, octave shift, modulation wheel (additionally - volume, sustain, play, stop). But if your keyboard has additional control knobs or faders you can assign them to the app manually by using MIDI learn option.