Monday, September 23, 2019

Fieldscaper: Sequencer Tutorial

The best overview of work with sequencer in the FieldScaper app

FieldScaper is an advanced field recorder combined with a sound warp engine and a collection of ready to use dynamic presets for iPad and iPhone.

With the FieldScaper app, you can easily record the sound of the environment and instantly transform it into something unusual and very atmospheric. This app is great for sound design and create special sound effects for movies, games and audio books.

>>> More about FieldScaper

>>> Complete description of FieldScaper 2.0 in PDF file

More tutorials and demos

>>> The most comprehensive tutorial for FieldScaper

>>> FieldScaper rhythmic constructions

>>> FieldScaper sound transformation

>>> Make preset with step sequencer

>>> Demo of the sample editor and creating new preset

>>> Demo of creating soundtrack

>>> Live performance with single sample

>>> Live improvisation [ more details about setup ]

More video tutorials from Mark Hurst

>>> SynthScaper LE - A look at the main features of the new SynthScaper LE (lite) edition.

>>> SynthScaper Tutorial: Part 1 - A moderately detailed walkthrough of the main features of SynthScaper on iOS.

>>> SynthScaper Tutorial: Part 2 - Digging deeper with SynthScaper. Looking at: (1) LFO setup, (2) Using Effect 1 and Effect 2 virtual controls to modulate multiple simultaneous parameters, and (3) Dissecting some presets to get inspiration.

>>> SoundScaper Tutorial - A semi-detailed look at SoundScaper, with an emphasis on effects derived from its address-mangling functions.

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