Thursday, October 5, 2017

Electric shadow - Live with SynthScaper and SoundScaper

Live performance with only two iPad apps recorded on Tascam Portastudio 424 mk III

High quality track from this video:

What in this setup (devices and connections):

Apps on iPad:

SoundScaper - An experimental sound mini lab. Control from Korg nanoKontrol2. Used for intro and effect sounds.

SynthScaper - Soundscapes synthesizer. Control from Akai MPK49 for all oscillators (main MIDI source in app). Sequences send from Doepfer Dark Time for third oscillator (alter MIDI source in app). First oscillator configured for noise in the final part. Pad playing on second oscillator.

Two stereo outputs recorded on Tascam Portastudio 424 Mk III, mixed and added to video and as separate track.

All devices (except Korg nanoKontrol2) have own power supplies and connected to iPad thru non-powered USB hub.

Useful information about SynthScaper app:

[ SynthScaper - Wide and deep sound with the single preset (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - Natural chorus and Spatial effects (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - How to assign "LFO" to parameters (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - How to use "Effect" parameters (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - Two-Voiced Drone (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - Start with your own samples (guide with pictures) ]

[ SynthScaper - The Designer tool (short description) ]

[ SynthScaper - Arpeggiator / Sequencer overview (video demo) ]

[ SynthScaper - Automate pitch shifting (video demo) ]

[ SynthScaper - One shot sample demo (video demo) ]

[ SynthScaper modules connection diagram (big picture) ]

[ Complete description of SynthScaper 1.6 in one PDF file ]

See also:

FieldScaper live improvisation (FieldScaper app on iPad with MIDI controller, hardware synths and also with description of setup).

FieldScaper - Advanced field recorder combined with a sound warp engine and a collection of ready to use dynamic presets for iPad and iPhone. Discover new ways to create and construct unusual and exciting sounds from any environmental audio recordings or samples recorded from other apps.

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