Thursday, October 5, 2017

SynthScaper ver. 1.2 has been released

SynthScaper - Soundscapes synthesizer ver. 1.2 has been released!

Synthesizer specially designed for creating and experiments with ambient soundscapes in wide range from noises to melodic instruments and everything in between.

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This version supports loop points and note / pitch info in wav files that gives you possibility to use a lot of ready loops from third-party samples libraries.

Also in this update:

  • New scenes, presets and samples.
  • Supports loop points and note info in wav files.
  • Added low pass ladder filter.
  • Added low pass distortion filter.
  • Mode 12/24 db for LP, HP, BP filters.
  • New parameter "Smooth" for Low / High pass filters.
  • New parameter "Drive" for Band pass / stop filters.
  • Addition working mode for envelope generator.
  • MIDI control for sustain pedal.
  • MIDI controls for changing scenes.
  • Improved pitch / modifier on screen keyboard.
  • Built-in description updated.
  • Minor bugs were fixed.

Live performance with SynthScaper and SoundScaper apps on iPad

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  1. Please help... shutting down as soon as I open...iPad Pro with latest OS

    1. I already fixed this bug. It occurs with some of downloaded samples. You can send me your email thru feedback form on this site and I'll send invite to Apple TestFlight. You can get fixed version right now. Or you can completely reinstall this app and without downloaded samples it works ok (but you need backup your preset and scenes if you want restore it after reinstall). Also fixed update already waiting for review and will be available in few days.